Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland and Icy Roads

Sorry my post today is getting up so late! I had a very interesting night last night. We went to dinner and then a movie last night (late-the movie started at 10pm). When we were finished with dinner it started snowing! It was so beautiful. I really love the snow. We don't typically get a ton, but just enough to enjoy.

After the movie, we were walking to the cars and realized it was really icy out. Jim and I were in Salem and still needed to drive to Albany where we live. We got onto the freeway and right away Jim didn't feel like he had control of his truck. The free way was super icy (apparently there was a lot of black ice last night). He wasn't going very fast when we hit some ice. Jim lost control and we started to spin. We did a 180 and ended up in the grass on the side of the freeway. What surprised us both the most was the fact that the whole time this was going on, I didn't freak out or panic at all.

We got back on the road and didn't go above 10-15 mph the whole time and we were still losing control of the truck. It was then that I was starting to panic. I was completely freaking out in my head (and on the outside a bit I'm sure). I kept telling Jim that I didn't want to try to make it home because I didn't think we would make it there in one piece.

Of course we would call our friends at 12:30am to see if we could stay the night (we were almost to their house). It didn't matter though, we have awesome friends. Our friend Travis decided to come pick us up and then walked down the freeway off ramp with the hubs to pick up our truck.

We stayed the night, I called in for work at 1am last night/this morning, and then made it home safe and sound today! :) Now that its over and done with there were some really comical moments...like Travis slipping and falling as soon as he stepped out of his car...Travis coming to our rescue in footy pj's ( I really should have taken a picture),and  as we were spinning me telling my hubby (calmly)" its okay, were okay, just straighten out" before we hit the grass. :)

What is your scariest winter moment?


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