Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bird Whisperer

Yesterday started out like a typical Monday-slow, boring, and a strong desire for caffeine. Around 9am we heard a flutter...and then the yelling began. Someone yelled out, "bird!" and of course, we all jumped out of our chairs and rushed over to see it. It wasn't like we hadn't seen a bird before, but our office is upstairs in the building. We had no clue how it could have gotten up and into our office.

The poor bird was flying towards our windows, trying to get out, but really probably only giving itself a concussion from flying into the glass. At the same time the poor bird is trying to get out, the women in our office are all running around waving their arms in the air trying to help get the bird outside.

I finally manage to get it cornered under my boss' desk (once she heard there was a bird in her office she freaked and left us to figure out how to get rid of it on our own) and someone handed me a box and a folder. I manage to cover the bird with the box, slide the folder underneath, bring it the window and let it go (and when I say let it go I mean that it fell out of the box). The bird was fine and the office calmed down. 

 For a couple of hours.

Around lunch time I heard a scratching sound above my desk and rather than have images of rats in my mind scurrying above me I decided to pretend that I hadn't heard anything. Five minutes later someone went into our storage room and out came ANOTHER bird!! This one flew straight at my window. It was fluttering all over the place, ramming itself over and over again into my window. I ducked down and ran over to open the window when the bird flew down the hall.

I knew it was headed straight for my co-worker, so I went running after the bird yelling, "there's another bird!!" I only got about halfway through yelling to her when the shrieking began. The bird flew straight at her, went into her hair (eww!), and proceeded to fly into her window.

I "shooed" at the bird an started forcing it back down the hall by waving my arms like a lunatic. Somehow I managed to get it out of my window. Now my hubby calls me the "bird whisperer." 

This all made for a pretty fun and exciting Monday, which sure beat how it was starting out! :) Our course this wasn't my first experience with a bird in our office, but it was just as entertaining! 

How was your Monday?