Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have a difficult time when it comes to Goodwill. It totally grosses me out. I have this aversion to old things. I really think it stems from my great grandma's house. The sad thing is that I love a lot of items that my friends get from that store and stores like it. I get laughed at because I tell people that I just don't go into those stores and if I do I typically keep my hands in my pockets or behind my back. I don't like touching anything unless I have to, and if I do, I have to wash my hands or use hand sanitizer when leaving the store.

So, I was feeling brave and decided I was going to find an "ugly sweater" for one of the Christmas parties that I am going to this week. I went to a Goodwill. One of my girls calls it "the bins" because everything is in bins (go figure!). My friend, Jackie, was a little concerned that going to this particular Goodwill might be a bit much for me. At first I was having a hard time with the way it one huge garage sale, then we walked in and it smelled, but I didn't leave. We looked through some bins (and by that I mean Jackie dug through and I leaned over her shoulder), but we hadn't found anything even semi-decent.

I was close to reaching my limit when I saw it! As we were walking down one of the aisles on top of a pile of clothes...there was a spider! I turned to Jackie instantly and said, "that's it! We're done!" I tell you, I felt so know, like when you see ants and you can just feel them crawling all over you? Yeah, like that. 

We ended up going to another Goodwill (one more like an actual store), but don't think I could have bought anything and worn it after the spider incident. I think, for now, I will stick with regular stores...where I don't have to worry about spiders crawling on the clothes. 

Do you shop at thrift stores? What tips do you have?
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