Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee to Survive

This week has been packed and its going to continue into the weekend. I think I am going to need a TON of coffee to make it through! :) 

Remember how I told you the hubs wanted to go to the beach to swim? Well, that's happening on Saturday. Instead of it just being an "us" weekend it has somehow turned into an "everyone and their brother" weekend. The beach trip has been dubbed the "polar plunge" and either it sounds really fun or we have a bunch of people who are just insane and think that swimming at the coast in the middle of December actually sounds like a good idea! If I get into the water I am going in full scuba gear (well, the warmth part of it anyways). :)

Tonight at midnight the hubs and I (along with some friends) will be at the Tron 3-D. I think the movie will be good, but I don't particularly care for 3-D because it gives me migraines (but our friend's don't know that yet, so we'll let them know tonight...or now if they are reading this), but it still should be fun. We watched the original Tron and I have to say the movie was terrible! I am not even talking about the special effects because that just wouldn't be fair. The plot line is, well, non-existent. :) I couldn't believe that it was a cult classic. I don't need to have high hopes for this new movie. Just being in theaters ought to out do the original movie! lol Do you remember the original? What do you think about the new one?

Tomorrow night marks the end of my Christmas parties with the youth group. I am looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun. Sad to say, my co-worker never found her ugly sweater, so I won't be wearing anything hideous (unless someone just doesn't like the way I dress typically! lol). I think I am okay with that though. :)

Are you all ready for Christmas? Have you had Christmas parties to go to yet? 

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