Friday, December 17, 2010

Let the Craziness Begin!

Today begins the onslaught of craziness that I call the weekend. :)

Last night we went and saw Tron. I really enjoyed it. I ended up having to take one of my migraine meds prior to the movie starting since it was in 3-D and I am glad I did. I had a headache during the movie, but it was lessened because I was pro-active (go me!). We ended up getting home about 3AM. I wore my pj's to the movies that way I was prepared to jump into bed since I had work this morning.

As I was falling asleep I told my hubby (in a very muffled kind of way because that's how I talk when I am half awake) that my eyes felt "wobbly in my head." Now that I am awake I still feel that way. I can't tell if its due to the whole migraine thing or lack of sleep. I, personally, think its a combination of the two. Regardless if my eyes are "wobbly in my head" or not, I am glad that we went...even if that means that I have bruises due to the random things that I have run into so far this morning due to walking around like a zombie. It was a lot of fun with some great friends and great friends are always worth it!

Now I have my coffee to get me through my work day (I hope anyways) and then I am off to my last Christmas party. I am really excited about it! Its with our senior students...who are stinkin' awesome and super fun! It should be a great night and a wonderful way to kick the weekend off! :)

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?
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