Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sew Excited!

Um...yep...I went there! lol

I am excited to show and share with you my very first (completed...yeah, I'm bad) sewing project...a pillow! :)
My wonderful friend, Jill, from Made it on Monday heard I had a sewing machine with, really, no idea how to use the stinkin' thing. She graciously offered to have a beginner's sewing night at her house for me and my friend, Jackie.

We learned a lot and by he end of the night each had made a pillow! It was a ton of fun. She taught us how to make flowers...but mine still need some work before I am willing to show anyone! :)

My next project "idea" was given to me by my friend and co-worker, Janet. I am going to attempt to make blankets for my niece and nephews for their birthdays starting in January for my nephew, Brandon (who happens to share my birthday because we are cool like that). His blanket/birthday will be my first test. If it doesn't work then I'll likely scratch the whole thing, but because it seems similar (from what Janet was explaining) to the pillow I think I should be okay. :)

Do you sew? Any suggestions for beginners (especially ones afraid of the sewing peddle)? Have you ever had a project you scrapped because it just wasn't working?

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