Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Dark and Foggy Night

So, last night instead of having our regular youth group we had house parties for each of the grades at different houses.  The good news was that I had a GPS. The bad news was that Little Miss "gets lost going places that she knows how to get to while using the GPS" was driving by herself. Yeah, totally talking about me here.

First, my GPS wanted me to turn left when I could only go right. I basically drove in a circle until she (yes, my GPS is a girl...her name is Gabby...and she's English) "recalculated" my route. Once I was finally directed onto the proper route and not one trying to get me killed by oncoming traffic, I was off and still going to make it on time!

The place where I was going was really in the middle of nowhere. It was dark, foggy, and the street was not well lit. Needless to say, even with the GPS I drove right passed the house. I wasn't sure where exactly it was at, but I knew I had gone too far.

I needed to turn around. This was a little tricky (remember...dark and foggy) because it was a small road and by the time I could see a driveway to turn around in, I had already passed it. Then I came to another street and decided to turn on it and find a place to turn all the way around at.

Nothing. That's what I found. A whole lot of nothing. I saw a sign letting me know that a deer could leap out into the middle of the road at any minute and it probably wouldn't be in my best interest to hit it. Therefore, I went slow...and kept my peepers open for deer.

I finally found a place to turn around and I started to pull over, but a car was behind me and the road was too small to be able to pull all the way over to let them go by and also turn around. So, I did what anyone would do. I drove on. I drove until I saw a sign that said (I kid you not) "pavement ends."

What?! I was starting to freak out a little bit at this point. As I was coming up to the sign I saw the very last house! I didn't care that there was still a car behind me. I pulled into the drive way to turn around...and the car behind me pulled up next to me...into their driveway.

I did end up making it to the house party and I really wasn't that late, but let me tell you, I was giving the GPS one more drive by of the "destination on left" and then I was going a place I can get to, with or without my GPS.

How are your navigational skills? Do you use a GPS or are you really awesome and can read a map (if you can, I'm a little jealous)? :)

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