Friday, January 28, 2011

My Friday Five

Here are the five things that I am excited about and looking forward to this weekend:

1. I just won something from Love Stitched, but from their facebook page (check 'em out! Love their stuff!)...I don't know what, but I kind of don't care (because I WON!!)! All I know is that I am a winner. Its okay, you can be jealous! ;)

2. Tomorrow I am getting CPR certified! Since I have been working with kids for oh, like, half of forever its about high time don't you think? I am excited!

3. The hubby got a promotion and today is his last day in shoes. Its kind of sad (because, hello! Shoes!!), but I am super proud of him. He'll just have to keep his peepers open for all the great mark downs and pass them on to his lover of shoes wife-me. :)

4. I get to sleep in tomorrow! I know, it doesn't sound very exciting does it? Considering that I only get one shot at it a weekend (and only if I don't have its pretty much a rare occurrence that it actually works out that I get some extra, glorious sleep! :)

5. Tonight is the birthday party for one of the hub's senior guys from church, so we get to go hang out with some of our favorite seniors! :) I can't wait (really, this day is dragging!)! These students are extra fun, super cute (sorry with it!), and pretty much amazing! We are really blessed to work with them and call them friends!

What are your five things that you are looking forward to for the weekend?

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