Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Conclusion...

 The conclusion of the epic battle: Natalie vs. the Sewing Machine (dun dun dun!!!)

I started out with these two fabrics (both flannel, see pic below). Then I had problem after problem trying to get the sewing machine to cooperate with me. I don't know if it just didn't like red and pirates or what, but I kept ending up with huge amounts of knotted thread and only two stitches. 

So, I took a break. I left my sewing machine in my car (call it punishment, being lazy, or whatever, but I just didn't even want to touch it after leaving Jackie's house and my failed attempt) and tried to figure out how to make the darn thing work. I was just about to send my nephew the fabric and make him sew his own stinking blanket when it happened; I made it work! :)
 **insert pat on back here**

I had been trying to sew fabrics and the batting (it made sense to me), but apparently it was too thick for my sewing machine to handle, hence the wadded, knotted mess of thread. I took out the batting (which is fine because I hate the feel of that stuff...its seriously like nails on a chalkboard. **shivers** I actually attached it to the fabric while wearing gloves. No joke. I have a witness. ). 

Once I had done away with the yucky feeling and far too thick batting, it was a breeze. And by " breeze" I mean that I am an awful (albeit, new) sewer and I worked on that blanket for four hours last night! Hopefully the next one will be quicker.

Next one?? Did I seriously just say that?! I might have to re-think the whole "making a blanket for everyone's birthday" thing. Hmmm...

Either way, this is how the blanket turned out! :) You can't really see the yarn dangly things that I sewed on, but trust me, they're there. :) I am so excited that I finally finished my nephew's birthday present, especially since his birthday was almost a month ago. I was starting to feel like a horrible aunt! :)

So, the Sewing Machine may have knocked me down, but I came back and defeated it (and my project)!

I am thinking about trying to sew something else. Any suggestions? :)

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