Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going in Circles

It's official! I am terrible at driving games...and in case it needs to be said, not because I am a girl.

Last night we were over at our friend's house (if you guessed Jackie and Travis give yourself a pink star!) for Jackie's,"congratulations on getting to quit your job!" little party we had, where she ended up making her own cake (trust me, it was better this way). After having some yummy cake, we decided that we would play Mario Party 8 on the Wii. I really like this game. I get to be a princess, random people just give me money, and I get to buy hotels. The part that is not so great are the mini games...where I lost every single one that involved flying or driving.

We were just getting started on a driving race where we went around a corner and I some how I managed to get stuck in the dirt going in circles. I tried going in reverse, going forward, making a circle going the opposite direction. Nothing really worked (I am telling you, I have zero talent with this thing). I got lapped and lost. No one wanted to be on my team for any of the mini games because they knew (and who could blame them? I proved over and over again that I don't have a clue what I am doing) I would make them lose.

The hubs had to work early so we decided to play one last mini game for all the marbles and what did the Wii decide? A game that was me vs. all of them! I groaned thinking that this game was over before it even started. It ended up being a game about catching coins. I won! I was super excited! :) I guess thinking about shopping and what I could buy with the coins came in handy after all! :)

How are you with video games? What's your favorite Wii (or other game system) game?