Thursday, February 03, 2011


Remember when I showed you the ring and earrings that I learned how to make in a class? Well, during that class I also learned how to make these (it just finished them):

I really like them, but let me tell you, they took forever to make! I made everything except for the hook that goes into your ear. I was going to add a really pretty gray crystal on there also, but after finally finishing with the teal crystals I said forget it! :) I really like them without the gray though. Now I can wear them with black or brown. :)

I am taking another class (my mom {in law} is teaching) this Saturday to learn how to make a different type of bracelet (I currently can make a tennis bracelet). This one will require me to use two needles...daring, I know! So, wish me luck! I have all my supplies purchased and I am ready to go!

 I do have to admit though, that I am missing out on diving at the lake on Saturday. I am a little bummed because I actually enjoy diving in lakes (shocker!). Its okay though because my hubby said he'll take me out there another time. :) He's so good to me (or he really loves diving, but I am sticking with my first thought!)!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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