Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Times & Great Memories

This last weekend was full of fun times and great memories with some pretty amazing girls.

We had thirteen of us in a cabin that sleeps ten {we weren't even the fullest! Hubby's cabin had seventeen and only had room for ten, but they are boys and made do}. This year was a bit different for me and Jackie as leaders. Firstly, we had another leader with us, so that changed the dynamics a bit {not in a bad way}. Secondly about half of our girls were either new or had never been to a camp with our church. It was neat, a bit odd at times since our discussion times didn't flow like normal, but it was so much fun having new students come to camp.

Our girls are pretty awesome. Even though they didn't know each other at all or very well, there was a peaceful camaraderie within the group. There was no drama {to my knowledge at least}, the girls included each other, and did it in a genuine manner. They worked well together when we had to come up with a skit {which was new for us}. I had so much fun giggling with them and their silly antics. I loved having a new group with us, getting to know them {and finding out after camp that I spelled one of their names wrong...sorry, Karla!}, seeing where they are at, and seeing their hearts.

So, while camp was an entirely different feel, it was at the same time, a wonderful experience. I am so thankful to be working with some amazing students {both within my group and out}. Watching them worship, seeing them yearn for a closer relationship with God, the desire to follow Him even when it's hard, and seeing the joy that radiates through them is something that blows me away every time.

{photos to come}