Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow and More Snow!

Today we leave for Elevate (high school winter camp). I love winter camp. Its shorter than our summer camp, which means I can actually stay for the whole thing {definite plus}. Last year was a bit sad. We were supposed to go tubing {those of us who are winter sport challenged}, but we couldn't find any snow. We ended up having to pay to use a hill that had snow on it. 

Not this year! This week dropped 15 inches of snow where we will be going and its supposed to snow all weekend!!  Tubing? Piece of cake so long as you are okay walking away with bruises. I like to watch people tube more than actually tubing. I tend to injure myself {its okay, we all know I'm a klutz}.

What do you need when you go to the snow? Snow boots of course! :) I happen to have two pairs. And one pair is pink...that's right,  pink! Do I know where either of them are? Not a stinkin' clue. I went hunting for them last night and they are nowhere to be seen. I think my snow boots are afraid of the cold and have decided to hide from me...taking their stand against the snow!

So, I did what any normal person with two pairs of missing snow boots would do...I bought another pair! I had already resigned myself to the fact that I would be in the snow in rain boots instead of snow boots (yeah, those boots were practically jumping and yelling "pick me, pick me!!"), slipping and sliding all over the place, but the hubs gave me the "go ahead" to buy another pair.

We ran to Target to grab a couple items and checked out the snow boots. What did I find? Clearanced snow boots for $8.97! Can you believe it?! I think I squealed with delight when I saw they had my size and they fit! :) Now I am prepared {at least shoe wise} for the snow and the cold! :)

What are your plans for this weekend??

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