Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Elevate Recap

As I mentioned before, winter camp with our awesome high school students was...well...awesome! :) I finally took the pictures off of my camera and threw them onto the laptop. Here is my picture recap of winter camp.

Now before you go laughing at the ridiculous hat that I "stole" from my friend Travis, let me just tell you that 1) it was freezing cold   2) the only thing about me prepared for the snow...were my boots...
so I did what any normal person who saw someone with a warm hat would do...offer to "hold" it while they went tubing. :) And so I did. And I was warm{er}! :)

 me and my hunny snow bunny...too girlie? Sorry babe!

 Porshla, Kristin, and Kelsey~aren't they too cute?!

 Katie and Allison~my favorite pic...the yellow looks awesome!

 Kristin, Porshla, and Jackie

 Okay, this might just be me being "blonde," but whenever I think of snowflakes I think of little fluffy balls of snow. I always thought that someone made up what snowflakes actually look like. You know how you make paper snowflakes? Yeah, those. I thought they weren't "real" snowflakes...until this weekend. How awesome is this snowflake? I mean the detail really blows my mind! It just makes me think "wow" what a great God we have!
 Ahem...a little explanation is in order I think. My hubby along with these lovely, um... crazy, shirtless guys, decided that it would be "fun" to go tubing without shirts. And so they did! It was pretty funny watching them tube all the way down and the run back up the hill and decide to go down for another run, all the while they were freezing! My crazy man is the one with the Superman hat {its okay, be jealous ;)}

 My fabulous friend! Talk about a trouper! She was sick the whole weekend {and still looks adorable...see everyone is a fan of the hat!}, but still managed to keep up with everyone! 

 {friends} I am so blessed by this woman! :)

Kelsey...she's such a cutie!

Clearly I have a TON more pics, but I didn't want to completely bore you to death {then who would read my blog?!}!

What are your favorite "snow" memories?

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