Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Little Bit Awkward

And today on Awkward & Awesome Thursday we have...


~Telling your cousin that "yes!" you got her wedding invite in the mail and then realizing later that it wasn't actually her wedding invite, but a baby birth announcement {I guess it helps if you actually look at whats inside or at the return address, rather that assuming based solely on the size of the envelope}. Still waiting for that invite :)

~Losing at Scrabble to your hubby and being upset about it, only to find out that you actually won because he cheated! {this could go under awesome depending on how you look at it}

~Sitting in your car in the parking lot at work, looking to your right to see some man staring at you with a smirky half smile. You look away and look back. Still there with the same look on his face. You give him the "what the heck are ya looking at, I don't know you" look and then casually pull out of your parking spot to move down a couple so that you are out of his line of sight...only to realize when you park that it was your co-worker's husband...whoops!

~Sitting at your desk when a guy in a suit pops in and says, "hey, Natalie!" and acts like he knows you when you know that you've never seen him before. Creepy salesmen!


~My hubby taking care of me when I am sick.

~Having friends come over for dinner.

~The little bit of sunshine we saw this week!

~Great garage sale deals on movies

~The shoes that I found to match my dress {pics to come as soon as I buy them!}!

~New to me clothes

~Evenings with my hubby

Also, the other awesome is Nancy from Style 'N Decor Deals is the winner of the Skin MD lotion giveaway! Congrats!

What's awesome and awkward about your week?!

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