Friday, April 01, 2011

I Have a Problem

Okay, so Wednesday was one of my high school girl's birthday {happy birthday, Victoria!}. Tuesday night we were texting back in for {like texting fools...because that's how we roll}. I was trying to figure out what to wear on Wednesday since it was her surprise party and youth group started back up. She thought it was hilarious that we were both trying to plan out our outfits at the same time. She sent me a text saying, "wear boots!" I started laughing and told her that I don't think I am allowed to show up in just boots. So, she came up with leggings as well.

 I scoured my closet trying to figure out what top to wear. I found this one in my closet with the tags still on it. I had originally bought it for a beach trip this summer, but that's all I was planning on wearing it for. I tried it on and sent her some pics asking her opinion. She loved it! She couldn't understand why I was so unsure of it. I will tell you why...I have a problem...

Hi. My name is Natalie and I am pattern-phobic.
 Nordstrom Rack

I wore this outfit and for the most part was pretty comfortable with my decision. The pattern still freaked me out a bit {seriously, unless its argyle I steer clear of most patterns}, but I have to tell you that I got so many compliments! Every time I got one I was laughing on the inside. It wasn't because I didn't appreciate what they were saying {lets face it, everyone loves a good compliment}. I was laughing because originally I was too afraid to even wear it.

 So, the moral of my story is that I need to trust my own judgement and know that I did well. I clearly loved the shirt in the first place, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. Also, I send my thanks to my little fashionista buddy, Victoria, for giving me the courage to wear something that freaked me out, only to make me see that maybe I do know what I am doing after all! :)

Do you have clothes or patterns that you aren't sure about wearing?

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