Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Its FINALLY here!! Time for...


~Got to the house where we were going to have our camp out {Tawny's} and I was met with Tawny telling me that I had to meet her parents because they were concerned that there weren't any adult leaders showing up. I went in and was met with sighs of relief from her parents. Her dad looked at me and said, "now you look like a leader." Still not sure if that meant I looked old or responsible. I would like think responsible. :)

~We got a new "nightstand" from the Hubs parents. Its really a bookshelf, but it was free, so we were going to work with it! :) We set it up on my side of the bed and all I could see were the corners. Hubby looks at me and says, "I think this is was too dangerous for you to have something that sharp that close to your head." Now I have a nightstand and he has a nightstand bookshelf. Its safer for everyone this way.

~Before we left for camping, I was at Jackie & Travis' house and there was a garter snake {which until I googled it, I had thought that it was a gardener snake...}. After that, I was freaked out! When we were out in the field for camping we went to walk over to some huge hay bales. I was walking in my flip flops and was kind of concerned about there being snakes. Travis told me that they only like tall grass, so it should be fine since all of where we were was recently cut {or insert farming term here}. So, I awkwardly avoided all the tall grass areas as we were walking. I also asked him about bats, since now I am terrified of them. He said they wouldn't be out there because they like places like cities better because there are more bugs. I was confused but went with it. The next morning I found out that he lied about both! Apparently snakes don't care about grass length and bats don't like the city as much as they like the wide open spaces. He did have a good point though when I confronted him about it. He asked, "did you really want to know the truth? Do you think you would have been able to sleep if you really knew?" Point for Travis! No, I absolutely would not have slept a wink!


~Going with friends for pre-vacation {for me} pedi's! Its one of the girl's first pedicure ever and the other girl's second! Crazy!!

~Getting a nightstand, couch, and love seat all in one day! Now my home feels less like a bachelor pad and more like a home {except for the fridge, but you can't fix it all!}! :)

~Vacation in T-1 day!! Let the packing commence!!

~Seeing my first shooting star over the weekend

Okay, now's the time! What are you awesome and awkwards??