Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Post: ISLY | I Still Love You

Today I wanted to introduce you to Melissa from ISLY | I Still Love You. Let me tell you, this girl can thrift and is super creative when it comes to her wardrobe! Not only is she uber thrifty, but she is super crafty and creative! She has a little something for everyone and I am so glad that she is here with me today! Thank you Melissa for stopping by!

How to dress for under $10

I'm a deal maven. I can't pass up a screaming deal, even if I know it's not something I need right away. Heck, I picked up a cool vintage chair just because it was $8 & rad, not because I needed it. Happily, turns out I scored an Arthur Umanoff (read: sells on ebay for $250 per chair)! Truly, good things come to those who scour around for good deals. 

Ironically, I've never been one to carry around a coupon. I just go shopping & if I find something for the right price, I buy it. I'll wait it out if I don't. 

Inexpensive dresses were particularly hard to come by about 3 years ago. The trend was about 6 months away from bargain stores like Forever21 & Wet Seal. Even then, it's not like any of their dresses brag sleeves or real length past the privates. I needed to find a classy dress on the cheap for a conference I was hoping to attend. I went thrift shopping a couple of times before I met this lovely lady. It was then that I found about 6 lovely dresses all at once (mind you: each were in the $4-8 range), but I kept my shopping cart to 3 dresses. I regret not adding those other three to the basket, but I'm so glad I didn't pass up this one. 

The dress was $4. The shoes were $4. The belt was $1. All items were found at thrift stores. 

Good deals come to those who wait. And seek.