Friday, January 08, 2010

Chandelier,you light up my life...or at least my dinning room!

Do you remember my post from November about Chandeliers? If not you can check it out, but if you do, then you will probably remember how excited I was (hello, can we say sparkly?!). Well, my husband had told me no about getting one shortly after I made that post. I was bummed, but was hopeful that later on down the road I might be able to get one. Well, that day is NOW! I happy to say that I have a chandelier on its way to me. :) My poor husband! He sent me a text before Christmas asking if "Nat still wanted the chandelier" and if I thought it would make a good Christmas gift. hehe! I obviously knew this was not meant to be sent to me! I texted him back right away and told him that "yes!" I still wanted it and "yes!" I thought it would be a good gift and to check out my blog (I mean, I made it easy! Click the link and your done!). He was so upset with himself, but I was so happy. :) I will post pictures after it gets here and we get it put up. :)

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