Friday, September 17, 2010

Its Back!

Yup, its true. Youth group has started back up! I have missed my girls so much over the summer. True, we did quite a bit  together throughout the summer, but its not the same as seeing them twice a week. As I mentioned before, my girls are now Juniors. Hooray! I have upper upperclassmen and they can drive! I love it! It definitely makes events a whole lot easier.

I am looking forward to watching them grow and to see how they use their new status as upperclassmen. I am praying that they will use these last two years wisely. I want to see them reach out to the younger students, be great examples, and I want them to 100% claim their walks with the Lord and not just let it be something that is just there, rather something that they cling to with all that they are.

On a different note, my girlfriend, Jackie-who also works with the Junior girls, has yet to see all of the Harry Potter movies. I know! I was beside myself. We are working on remedying this sad, sad fact by having a movie night. We will be doing this for several weeks up until November when the new movie comes out.

Most of my girls have seen them all and are huge fans as well. Its going to be a really fun time with all  of the Juniors. We are going to watch one movie each time we get together. This way, students who haven't seen them all will be able to before we all go see HP7 (yes, probably opening night) together. I can't wait! :) The first movie is on Friday.

Harry Potter makes me happy. :)