Monday, January 24, 2011

300th & Misc. Monday

Welcome to Miscellany Monday!


This is my 300th post and I am so excited! Its kind of hard to believe that I've actually written that many! So, here's to the next 300! :)


I am back from Seattle! Yes, again! :) The weather was great and the company even better. I don't know why I love Seattle so much, but I do! :) I am so glad that the hubs was able to come this time around so that I could show him all of the city.


We went diving at Edmonds Underwater Park (bet you didn't know they make underwater parks for scuba divers did you?!). It was cool, but the fish were HUGE! I seriously have never seen fish that large (in person) before! After seeing the fish I had a few "freak out" moments, but nothing too terrible. The water was freezing, but I got to dive with the hubs for his 50th dive! :) So, that was pretty exciting. :)


So, remember that blanket that I was going to make? Well, my sewing machine hates it! I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I can't get past the beginning steps of sewing. I just end up with a huge mess of thread stuck inside the sewing machine. I end up having to grab my scissors and cut all the thread and rip out the thread in the fabric. Sigh. Whoever told me this would be an easy thing to do clearly over estimated my sewing abilities. :)

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