Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Stitched

Remember when I was super excited because I won something, but had no idea what it was? Well, it came in the mail the other day! I was super excited to tear that puppy open. I got an adorable headband!

I tried it on and was a little (really, only a little) bummed to see that it didn't fit me right. Most headbands don't. I seriously have to shop for headbands at places like The Children's Place and other stores for little kids headbands because my head, apparently, is small (hmm...this might explain a lot!). Its kind of sad, but totally true!

So, rather than keep a headband that clearly didn't fit, I added it to a little gift that I got for one of my girl's (high school student) 17th surprise birthday party! She's super cute and so I thought that it would be the perfect touch, for the perfect person, and it came to me at the perfect time! :) And she loved it! I was really excited. Even though I only had it for a day, I was a little attached to it and more than happy to know it was going to a great home! :)

So, thank you Love Stitched!! It was perfect!

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